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The response still echoes with such vividness..."experience." "Just play around with it." "You don't know until you try." I think I was just so afraid to commit to what was ahead of me. Although I couldn’t help but be submissive to the leading to just go for it. This is how I, Becca Alves fell in love with photography. Not just taking pictures, but the whole experience. I was getting the opportunity to capture the lives of the people standing in front of me waiting for me to tell them what to do and where to stand. "Just do what you normally do." That is all I wanted them to do. That is the only way I could get a feel of what to capture. Personality then becomes unleashed. This is when I saw it...there are all these little things that happen in the crevices of life that aren’t always so easily recognized until they are captured in a still “hard copy” photograph.

I love to see that joy on a mother’s face when I have successfully captured the personality of their child in action. As well, developing a full shoot of a self-conscious teen where they soon recognize themselves as a beautiful creation. This is an experience I will never trade for anything. A family reunited, each filled with an indescribable peace and joy of getting to share life with each other again. Each a different audience: they all needed to be reminded. Another reason why a busy mother will never pass up a picture of their child’s joy frozen in a way they can be reminded of anytime of the day they want. Their children are their joy; and it is MY joy to have the privilege of being the one with the task to capture. I love my “job” and I pray everyday that I will have the ears to hear and the eyes to see the vision for the subjects being shown to me through the lens I hold in my hands. Photography is just my medium of worship and I get to spend my life making music that is heard when photos touch the hands of the ones waiting to see the art created by allowing me, a photographer, to capture who God sees them to be.

I would love to meet each of you, even if it means you just have questions for me. Please contact me and again, I would love to take photos for you, your children, your family, your child’s birthday party, senior photos, graduation, engagement, an event you are hosting, or just because you would like to embrace the experience!

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